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Facebook Future

Posted in Uncategorized by ninjapino on May 26, 2011

Facebook has become a part of most people’s daily routine.  Even if we know full well that the odds of anything interesting and new being posted are slim, we still check it.  Hell, I have it on my phone, yet, everyday day after work, I come home, sit at my desk and log onto Facebook.  It has become a part of our lives that, for all the security issues, is far too convenient to let go.  And that’s good.  I could get into the whole security vs services debate, but it’s not an area I’m well tuned for.  I have my opinions on the matter, but that’s neither here nor there for the moment.  But, I do want to talk about Facebook in general.  I want to talk about where it is taking us.

Years before, when the internet was still a wondrous new playground, a metaphorical box of sand (including the newly found shards of glass that came along with it), the tech savvy of the world got into a brand new form of communication called “e-mail”.  E-mail, much like Facebook today, brought about a new era of communication.  It brought us to new lengths of communication and staying in touch that we never thought of before.  It was great.  People were addicted to checking there e-mail just as much as people are addicted to checking Facebook now.  It allowed us to easily send messages, images, and sometimes video if you had enough space.  Not only did it allow us to send these things to each other, we could easily save and store them.  No more old shoe boxes full of yellowing paper and damaged pictures.  No more digging through piles of photo albums to find that one shot that you took of your son all those years ago that you really want to show his new girlfriend to embarrass them.  No more having to develop pictures, hand write letters, make an envelop, and waiting a few days before your friend received them. Best of all, no more forgetting that those (mostly) wonderful memories even exist.  It was a great time.

Not long after came social networks such as MySpace and Facebook.  (Hell, I even had a Xanga site for a while if anyone else but me remembers that)  You could share thoughts, feelings ideas, pictures, videos, etc, with anybody you were willing to put on your friends list.  Many people took the term “friend” very loosely and added as many people as they could out of some misguided idea of “winning the internet”.  While it lost it’s intimacy, the value we gained from being able to open up to that many people at one time was immense.  It was just awe-inspiring the amount of ideas, thoughts, and philosophies could be transffered and brought to your attention at a moments notice.  We reveled in it.  Now, years later, Facebook is the obvious king.  Like e-mail and cell phones before it, those refusing to buy into the new form of communication are being left in the dust.  Some people like it that way, I understand, but the point still stands.  You are being left behind.

Now years later almost everyone has Facebook.  We post, we write, we talk about our daily lives, and we share the pictures.  It’s still relatively new to us.  The oldest picture most of us have on there is probably around 6-7 years.  There are a few of us that went back and posted really, really old pictures of when you were little for the fun of it, but those were still just posted recently.  There is a little nostalgia, but not much.  But the thing you have to remember, those pictures are now up there.

How many of you have gone back and deleted pictures just because they were old?  I’m betting not many, if any at all.  Now fast forward about 50 years.  My best is, Facebook is still around and it’s still as convenient as ever.  Almost everyone will have one as they do now and that includes you, Grandpa.  (Or Grandma as the case may be)  And, unless you have decided that it was needed to clean your virtual house, so are those picture of that spry 20 year old on your page.  They will be there for all of those on your friend’s list to see.  Think about it, in the future, when the old people of the world are well versed in the ways of online, and it’s not weird or a hassle to have your mom as your “friend”, those pictures will be there for your kids, your grand kids, that nice young man that helps you with your yard to see.  As for me, I couldn’t be happier.

As generations grow apart, so does the understanding between them.  A lot of it comes from this idea that the different generations are extremely different.  This is not the case.  Your parents partied just as hard when they were in college.  They had idealism just like you do.  Parents, your kids are probably alright.  They’re really not doing anything more dangerous then what you used to do.  Granted, this is a generalization, but you get my point.  With the added years of Facebook and all those post and images you are putting up right now…..the children of the future could very easily see that.  That picture of you at a bar holding up two separate drinks at once.  Those funny pictures of you and your friends hanging out.  That post you drunkenly made at 2am but found it too funny to delete the next day.

People have a tendency to look at the past and think of it as simply that, the past.  I, for one, can’t wait to walk by my grandson while he’s on his Xtrabook 3000 multi-media handheld and spy him browsing my old pictures out of curiosity.  I’ll probably bust out laughing when he gets to the picture of me in my friend Billie’s mini-skirt.


Michael Cera Vs. The World.

Posted in Uncategorized by ninjapino on March 30, 2010

Dear Hollywood,

Stop putting Michael Cera in good movies.

Thank you.

Sorry, I should probably explain that little diatribe.  As many of you know, I am a nerd.  I take pride in being a nerd.  And in doing so, I do nerdy things such as reading comics.  Sometimes these comics get made into movies.  This can be a wonderful and horrible thing.  We have seen great comic book movies (Watchmen, The Dark Knight, The Incredible Hulk) and horrible concoctions of film that are an assault on the eyes (Fantastic Four, Spiderman 3, Ang Lee’s Hulk).  One of the newest comics-to-film that is coming out is Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.  Now, which category does this fall under.  Let’s do the breakdown.

Pro: It is being directed by the wonderful Edgar Wright.  If you do not know this name, learn it.  He is the genius behind the Blood and Ice Cream trilogy which consist of Shawn of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and soon, The World’s End.  This man knows how to do funny, entertaining movies.  And I really need to watch Spaced…..

Pro: It’s based off of the Scott Pilgrim books.  I’ll admit, I’ve only  read the first two and that was a while ago, but I didn’t stop because I didn’t like them.  They are hilariously awesome and unlike anything I’ve read before.  I simply never got around to it.

Pro:  Well, just watch the trailer.

Now for the Con.  I’ll be honest, it’s only one.  But it’s enough.

It stars Michael Cera.

Bull-fucking-shit!  Why, Hollywood?  Why do you keep doing this to us?  Do we not serve you well?  Do we not let you pretty much get away with whatever atrocity you want to call film and give you millions of dollars for doing so?  Why do you continue to let this guy stay famous?  How many other mid-20 somethings do you have stored in a back closet just waiting for their chance to shine yet you keep using this guy.

This guy..... is playing this guy....

“Oh, but I love his movies!”, you say.  “Superbad was hilarious.”  “Nick and Nora was adorable”  “Arrested Development was one of the greatest TV shows of all time” “Year One….well, yeah, Year One sucked monkey balls…”  These are the things people think of when they think of Michael Cera and all of these things are correct.  But do not, for a second, think that any of this is due to that, to quote a not-so-famous Michael Boltan, “no-talent ass clown”.

Go back and watch all those movies.  Go ahead, I’ll wait.  Well, okay, I’m not actually waiting….this has already been posted by the time you read this, so you can just read it at your own leisure.  But take as much time as you need.  Then you can pretend that I waited for you and that I’m that nice and patient of a guy.  Oh, good, you’re back.  Notice anything?  Michael Cera never plays a single different rolls.  He barely talks, kinda stammers, is constantly looking either down at the ground or wide-eyed as if he’s afraid something might attack him at any time.  Now look for an interview with him online.  He’s exactly the same.  Why?  Because he’s not fucking acting!

I honestly have no idea why this guy is famous.  He is the most awkward human being I have ever seen.  His expression never changes and when his roll doesn’t call for an awkward teen/college student, he seems terribly out of place.  Please….just stop….


Posted in Uncategorized by ninjapino on March 21, 2010

Yes, tonight, I was ditched.  I was supposed to meet a girl tonight.  I told her to meet me with my friends tonight for drinks?  So what did I do when she never showed up?  Got drunk.   Yep.  That is my life.   I love my life.  But, of course, I can never get anyone else to love it with me.  It sucks.  Yes, I love my friends.   They are currently over here enjoying my apartment, which I love having people over.  Yet, instead of enjoying the night, I get pissed off and drunk because, once again, I was left by myself by a girl that told me she was interested.  Why does this happen?  Yes, I am drunk.   And I don’t give a shit.  And the girl that I actually want to be with basically told me to give up.  She doesn’t want to be with me.  Neither do random girls I meet.  So, apparently, girls that actually have feelings for and random girls that don’t, neither have feelings for me or want to be with me.  Awesome.   Whatever.  I give up.   I love the female form.  It, apparently, doesn’t love me.

The Pursuit of Happyness

Posted in Uncategorized by ninjapino on March 17, 2010

Ignore the fact that stole the title of my post from a book turned Will Smith movie.  Moving on.

A couple days ago, a friend of mine joined a group on Facebook entitled “No, I don’t drink or smoke.  I just deal with my problems.”  He is the exact type of person to join such a group.  He’s a hippy, vegan, artist and one of the most amazing guitarist I’ve ever met.  I love this man.  He’s happy-go-lucky to the point where it almost becomes unbearable, though.  I honestly have to say that he puts up with almost too much from people and won’t say a word and acts as if it never bothers him.  It got me to thinking.  Is that what I’m missing?

Now, for those of you that don’t know me that well, let me tell you a little background.  I am a born again atheist.  Yes, you heard that right.  I was born and raised in the church and lived by it wholeheartedly.  Then, over a course of time, for many different reasons, I saw the light.  Oh, lordy, lordy, I’ve been saved from belief in the Lord!

With these newly opened eyes many more opportunities were open to me.  I didn’t go overboard with anything, but I did start things such as drinking, smoking (not tobacco, I’m not stupid.  I don’t do anything that is chemically addictive), and having the occasional promiscuous rendezvous with the beautiful (admittedly, sometimes not so beautiful)  creatures of the opposite sex.   Now, I’m not saying these are good things.  Some of the times, they are far from it.   But I do enjoy them.  But do they make me happy?  Or am I simply doing them to make myself think I’m happy because, as my friends group stated, I cannot deal with my problems?

Back in my time of being a closed minded individual, I honestly cannot think of a single time I was truly happy with myself.   Yes, I did have a smile on.  I sang, I danced, I praised the lord and did other normal teenage stuff within limits of my faith.  I condemned sex, drugs, and rock and roll with the exception of Christian rock because I could not stand the likes of Michael W. Smith.  But in truth, I was a very unhappy person.  You ask anybody who knew me back then.  Most of them I don’t talk to much anymore for various reasons, but I had some issues.  I blocked my friends, reveled in drama, and wrote sad poetry about how worthless I was.  I was emo before being emo was cool.  (Why the fuck is it cool now, though?  That’s my question.)

But, this post isn’t about my decent into madness.  That will be saved for another day.  What this is about is the question of “am I happy now?”.   Truthfully, I have to say, “Yes”.  I actually am happy right now.  What people like my formerly mentioned friend don’t understand is that substances like booze are not always a way to escape for people.   No, I am not denying that for some people it is.  For some, it’s a serious issue.  But for me and my kind, it’s not.  Religion is what I abused.  But now, I’ve gotten myself away from everything that made me hate who I was.  I do not deny myself  the choice of doing what I feel should be done.  All these substances are for me is a way for me to enhance the atmosphere around me.  I can definitely have fun without them.  I have on many occasions.  My friends know that I willingly choose to be our DD on many nights simply because I want them to have as much fun as they can.

I’m seriously the happiest I have been in a long time right now and it’s not because of any chemicals or lack thereof.  It’s  simply because, as of right now in my life, I have a good job that, even though it sucks, it keeps me going and could be a lot worse, I have amazing friends who I love and would do anything for, and I honestly have nothing bad in my life right now.  The only thing I feel missing right now is a female companion, but the love I have for my friends is enough for right now.  It kinda sucks because I will admit to always having been a hopeless romantic at heart, but I can deal.  Back in the day, I wouldn’t have thought that.  I would have thought that losing the girl (not that I’ve fully given up on her yet) was the end of it all.  But I no longer need anything to fill any gaps.  I’m whole.  Something I was always told faith would fill yet never did.  I mean, I love you, Sara, but that is one thing you got wrong.  It’s okay to let yourself free.  Just because it alters your perception, doesn’t mean it alters you.  It only does if you let it.

People, I love life and you can’t convince me otherwise.  Yes, there are other things I want, but nothing I feel I need right now.  I might bitch, I might complain, but that’s just because, at times, I slip and become greedy.  Be the trouble you want to see in the world.  As long as you love where you’re at and you’re not harming anyone, fuck everyone else.  Don’t let them tell you how to be happy.  If they are trying to convince you that something will, they are probably trying to convince themselves, too.   Have fun, humans.