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Posted in Life in general by ninjapino on May 31, 2010

Three years ago tomorrow.  That’s how long it’s been.  That’s how long it’s been since she left.  For me, add a few months to that and that’s how long it’s been since I’ve seen her.  What hurts is the fact that I had the chance to see her one or two more times beforehand, but didn’t.  I told myself that I didn’t need to rush.  I had plenty of time.  I should have known better.

I went to see her today.  It’s been a while since I’ve done that.  I left flowers for the first time.   Don’t know why, but it helped.  She’s been on my mind a lot, lately.  It might be because it’s so close to the date, I’m not sure.  She one of the few women I can actually say I ever truly loved.  Hell, she’s one of the few people I can say that about.  Whether that was a platonic love or not on my side, I’m not sure.  But I do know that she loved me back.

She completely changed who I was.  I had my set of beliefs at the time that I never truly believed.  I just thought that it was all fact.  She taught me that I don’t have to except that.  That I can be who I am and still love life.  That was probably the greatest thing that she ever taught anyone: Love.  It was her greatest gift and she had more then enough to share.  She might have been a little naive at time.  Also, stubborn as anybody I’ve ever met.  The funniest thing was, you could never prove her wrong because of that.  And you wanted to believe what she believed.  A world where people where honest and good….they just had to stop being self-centered long enough to notice it.

I love you and always truly will.  I miss  you.


Video Games That Need To Be Movies.

Posted in Movies, Video Games by ninjapino on May 20, 2010

As you probably know unless you live under a rock, the video game franchise, Prince of Persia, is going to be coming to theaters shortly.  After a long history of crappy video game movies, I must admit, this one actually looks like it might deliver.  Finally, someone in Hollywood seems to be taking this potential goldmine seriously.  Considering the giant demographic cross between video games and movies, you’d think this would have been done a long time ago.  Instead,  the best we’ve been offered comes in the likes of campy, cheesy action flicks such as Tomb Raider and (arguably) the Resident Evil franchise.  And, at worst, we’ve been stuck with the likes of Uwe Boll.  (who the hell kept giving him game rights, by the way?  Whoever it was, we need to strangle them.)

Jerry Bruckheimer, the mastermind producer that turned a children’s amusement park ride into a swashbuckling hit seems to have done his homework.  He, admittedly, has never played the games, but at least he had someone play them for him to show him what it’s all about to get the feel and the characters right.  And to top it off, he actually made it a point to have Jordan Mechner, the writer for all the Prince of Persia games, write the script.

Hopefully, this starts a trend.  Below, I have listed the video games that I think need to be given the cinematic treatment.   Also, these are not in any particular order. (more…)


Posted in Assholes, Life in general by ninjapino on May 19, 2010

Today was an interesting day.  For those of you who haven’t been around me or just haven’t noticed, I’ve been pretty much feeling like crap for the last month or so for several different reasons.  Today, though, I honestly feel good.  And for that, I have my friends to thank.

For those that don’t know me, I seem to suffer from a massive lack of self-confidence and a lot of self-loathing.  I could go into why this is, but it would only be hyperbole from self-evaluation.  I believe my reasoning are truthful, but who am I to say if I’m right or not?  Lately, these feelings have become overwhelmingly unbearable and I had almost completely broke my resolve.  I finally  decided “fuck it” and ask my friends about one of the issues that continues to plague me.  My  friends are very honest people, so they answered me very honestly.  I know that they never truly believe the jokes that are said and I don’t expect it to stop.  If it did, then I would honestly be more worried then before.  I know my friends love me and all I expect out of them is honesty.  When I get that, I am happy, as long as it’s done in a civil manner.

At times, I do not know what to do with myself.  At times I just want to sell all I own and leave.  Just start new.  But I know that if I do that, I won’t escape my emotions, I’ll only delay them for the time being.  I’m trying, folks.  I really am.  This blog is just one step toward trying to better myself and, in turn, my opinion of myself.  It’s an odd feeling of not feeling worthy of the people I know, but at the same time feeling the rest of the world is not worth me.  When it comes down to it, I feel as if I’m the laughing stock of everyone who is important to me most of the time.  Mostly because I let myself be the laughing stock.  I have friends who are great at many things, yet I’m afraid to do anything myself for fear of failure.  It was something I grew up with that just became a part of my being.  I guess I just have to say, “fuck it.”  If I fail, my friends will still be my friends.  That’s really all that’s important.   Besides, I think they would appreciate the extra ammo.